22th January 2018

Port Harbours

Port Docuri (Old Basin Docks)
Docuri Basin (old basin) is located upstream of 80 Mm and it has a vertical quay for seagoing ships. The inlet into the Docuri Basin is at Mm 80+400.

The berths at the Danube, from berth no. 21 to berth no. 25, are used for seagoing vessels, for loading or discharging general cargoes.

The berths no. 23,24 and 25 are spcialized in operating oversized cargo and steel products.

For these activities the port has a number of port facilities in equipment having storage capacity, and mechanical means for lifting, transportation, and mechanical means to stow goods.

The minimum depth in Docuri Basin is 6.5 m.

The access in the port is made by car/road and industrial railway.

Inside is there are customs services that allows fast operation of ships.

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