22th February 2018

Seaman's Book

General Information

Any Romanian citizen can get a seaman book if they pass these conditions:

- minimum age 18 years old
- no problems regarding health
- training required

The seaman's books are issued by A.N.R. Constanta for sea navigation and by A.N.R. Galati for river navigation.

What you need in order to obtain a seaman book?

- you need a competency certificate
- seaman book (old one if you are requesting a new one)
- medical certificate that can make proff your are in good health
- identity card (original and copy)
- any study diploma (original and copy)
- two passport photos (suit, tie)

What you need in order to obtain a seaman book making part of the auxiliar crew?

- the same as you see above but in addition.. (see below)
- competency certificate for your position on board (cook, doctor, etc)
- the "IMO" courses that cetificates the following of maritime safety instructions and rules

How to exchange a seaman book?

- your seaman book can be exchanged only if your seaman book is already in the valability period
- documents needed:
- application
- your damaged seaman book
- two color passport photos (suit, tie)

How to extend a seaman book valability?

- documents needed:
- aplication
- medical and psichological document atesting you are in good health
- seaman's book (original)
- competence certificate

- the new seaman's book valability can be extended for more two years

How to get a duplicate seaman book?

- you can get a duplicate of your seaman book in case you lost the original one
- in order to get a duplicate seaman book, these are the requirements:

- application
- passport color photo

- the new seaman book will have the same number, just a different release date

Registering seagoing service

- the applicant needs to submit these documents to the specialized compartment from Galati or Constanta or to the port captain institution nomined by ANR

- application
- seaman book, needs to have written the operations for embark/disembark by the master operator also stamped and sealed
- original seagoing certificate
- employment contract (original and a copy)

A.N.R. working shedule

Monday to Friday / 08:30 - 12:00 / 12:30 - 15:00 GMT + 2, Eastern Time.

Seagoing Vessels Seaman's Book

River Vessels Seaman's book