23th January 2018

Port Harbours


Port Harbours directory:

Port Harbours from Galati.
AZL (Free Zone) - view details
Free Zone (AZL) was established in the year 1994 in the East Side of Galati city, on the left side of Danube River, downstream Galati Port.

The Administration of Free Zone Galati is a autonomous > read more
Posted on 19.5.2011

Port Docuri (Old Basin Docks) - view details
Docuri Basin (old basin) is located upstream of 80 Mm and it has a vertical quay for seagoing ships. The inlet into the Docuri Basin is at Mm 80+400.

The berths at the Danube, from berth > read more
Posted on 19.5.2011

New Basin Port - view details
Port Bazinul Nou (New Basin Port) is the most important Romanian port of river-sea Danube sector. It was build in the second decade of last century.

The port is located in an area of particular > read more
Posted on 19.5.2011