22th January 2018

Shipping Manuals




Part A: contains rules, general definitions for different shipping words like "vessel", "sailing vessel", etc. link

Part B, section 1: contains the steering and sailing rules, as sailing depending on weather conditions, sailing speed, risk of collisions. link

Part B, section 2: starts with the chapter: "Conduct of vessels in sight of another", explaining rules when two vessels are sailing near eachother. Other chapters: conduct of vessels in restricted visibility. link

Part C: it continues Part B with data regarding sailing in bad weather conditions, also giving definitions for various sailing in bad weather conditions terms like "visibility of lights", "sidelights". link

Part D: "Sound and light signals", contains definitions regarding this subject, equipment, manoeuvring. link

Annexes: contains "Positioning and technical details of lights and shapes", definitions, "Additional Signal for fishing vessels", Distress Signals. link