18th November 2017


Moncler Men's Vest Down With Black [Moncler_40106] - $127.00 : moncler, monclerkids.top

Moncler Men's Vest Down With Black

Moncler Men's Vest Down With Black


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Since Moncler became Italian owned its fashion output has increased heavily and it now produces a range of moncler jackets. Made from duck down, the collection is renowned for its warm but lightweight pieces which is very famous professional keep warming brand around the world. Moncler Multiple Logo Men Vest With Hooded Black is Very Cool, Comfortable and light. This kind of Moncler Men Vest is the latest popular, unique style and very fashionable.
- Matte quilted nylon snap front vest with shiny nylon collar and shoulder detail.
- Shiny water repellent polyamide fabric.
- Full button closure.
- Sleeveless.
- Multiple Moncler logo patch in front.
- Matte quilted nylon snap front vest.

  • Model: Moncler_40106

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